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The Importance of Grounding

Grounding, otherwise known as Earthing, is when you place your body on the ground and engage in activities that will electronically reconnect you to the Earth. The practice of grounding is based on both earthing science and grounding physics that shows how electrical charges from the earth have positive benefits on the human body.

There has been research done to show how grounding has improved issues like inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain and mood levels. Without going too much into the science and making it complicated, the electrical conductivity from the ground acts as an immune system defense, kind of like antioxidants.

Your body runs through a kind of electric current. The Earth's charge has negative ions that can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of your body. Your body is intrinsically able to absorb electrical charges from the earth because your skin acts as a conductor. Your feet, especially at different areas in the balls of your feet, are thought to be especially receptive to the earth's electricity. Our brain, heart, and neurotransmitters all rely on electrical signals. So when our electricity is off balance it can affect certain areas concerning our health.

By being in touch with Mother Earth, the electrical force from the Earth is able to help lower inflammation levels and fight off free radicals. You can think of the earth like a big battery. When you let your skin contact the earth, you are taking a charge. This charge gives us access to electrons that will allow your body to heal from the within.

Our society is plagued with things like electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation which makes most of us struggle to maintain a neutral charge. Things like blue light, air pollution, cellphones, and computers all are positive ions. Over enough time, these positive ions, or free radicals, can start to create very high levels of inflammation which is known to be the root cause of all chronic illness. By connecting to the earth, we are helping our bodies maintain a neutral charge.

Grounding can be done in various ways. You can either walk barefoot, laying on the ground or even swimming. If you decide to ground through swimming, I would recommend a clear lake or ocean so you can see and avoid deep, dark waters.

Personally, my favorite way to ground is first thing in the morning by placing my bare feet into the grass or sand and imagining roots, like tree trunks, growing out from the bottoms of my feet rooting me into the earth's core. I like to take a few deep breathes here to really center and connect myself to the earth.

And well, the best part of grounding is that it's so easy, completely free, can be anywhere, at any time.

Benefits of Grounding/Earthing:

- improved cardiovascular health

- better circulation

- enhanced mood and energy levels

- reduced muscle pain

- decreased inflammation

- better sleep

- improved cortisol rhythm (the stress hormone)


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