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Living by the Planets - Ruling Planets for Each Day of the Week

Each day of the week belongs to a different planet. Back in ancient times, the days of the week were named according to the planets, and the order of our days is based on the planets’ distance from the sun. Every day brings the opportunity to call in the energies of a specific planet. Harnessing the abilities of the planets as you go about your day can allow you to work with your own energy, rather than against it.

Have you ever wondered why it seems harder to get motivated on Mondays? Or why you may have more energy on Saturdays? It’s not just because your work week has either started or ended, it's because each day is governed by a different celestial body which can have a huge impact on how we feel and how motivated we will be throughout our day.

Monday - ruled by the Moon

The Moon governs our feelings which is why the first day of the week can feel a bit more difficult. The moon is always changing through different phases and can cause us to be moody. Another key player here is the moon’s gravitational pull, which affects the tides, and can also affect human emotions, especially those who suffer from depression. Even though it is normal to feel a spectrum of emotions on this day, be mindful of the tone you are setting for your week. If you have flexibility in your schedule, try using Monday as a day of rest and mindfulness.

Best day to: Be present and still. Prioritize self-care. Try to spend as much of the day at home as you can. Rest and get plenty of sleep, maybe take a nap. Connect with yourself and your emotions.

Tuesday - ruled by Mars

Mars is the planet of action and energy. It is also known as the planet of conflict, but it actually makes Tuesdays a great day to be productive. It’s a great time to tackle things head on and be courageous. Expect more energy and motivation than you would have on Monday. Yesterday was a day of setting intentions and today is the day of executing them. Take time on this day to get a good workout in to burn off the excess energy. Make sure that you direct your energy into productive things or else conflict may arise.

Best day to: Get things done. Start passion projects. Schedule meetings. Give presentations. Cross things off your to-do list. Get out in the sun. Get your body moving.

Wednesday - ruled by Mercury

Typically one of the busier days of your week because Mercury is ruling, and it’s the planet of communication and fast-paced activities. Mercury has been believed to be the swift messenger in mythology representing the power of the intellect, which is why many believe Mercury to be the planet of the mind. Anything that involves planning, strategizing and using the mind would be good for this day. Take time for some journaling or reflection. Also, a great day to network or organize your schedule.

Best day to: Planning and strategizing ideas. Send work emails. Call your friends or family. Make a to-do list. Get all your ducks in a row. Networking. Focus on your mental health. Express yourself and get your message out. Communicate boundaries and doubts to those you trust. Write down how you feel. Sit still and reflect.

Thursday - ruled by Jupiter

Many people seem to have newfound motivation when Thursday rolls around and that’s because it’s ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and optimism. It’s a good day to have those more difficult conversations or try something that you have never done before. Use this day to feel gratitude for yourself and all that you have accomplished. Since Thursday’s energy is abundant, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to write out your manifestations or goals and meditate on them.

Best day to: Expand yourself and your mind. Read books. Have difficult conversations. Watch a movie or documentary. Meditate on your goals. Delve into a new topic. Step out of your comfort zone. Show gratitude. Be open to growth.

Friday - ruled by Venus

There’s no coincidence that everyone loves Fridays. Fridays are ruled by the planet of Venus which governs love, connection, and beauty. This more than charming energy is great for getting creative or kicking back and having some fun. Today would be a good day to have some quality time with yourself, put on your favorite outfit, and go out with the people you love. Venus is also linked to the zodiac sign of Libra, which is the sign of balance, harmony, and partnership. This energy encourages us to talk and express more. The excitement we feel on Fridays is not just because it’s the weekend, but also because Venus and Libra make this a great day for communicating with loved ones.

Best day to: Spread your love around. Buy yourself some flowers. Take yourself out. Wear your favorite outfit. Indulge in your favorite meal. Light candles. Send a love note to yourself or a lover.

Saturday - ruled by Saturn

Believe it or not, Saturday is actually the day to be productive. Saturn is the planet of discipline and structure, and its energy can quite literally force you to do things. Whether you're catching up on work or running errands, this is a day for taking responsibility, which is ironic, because most people consider it a day off. Even if you want to unwind after a busy week, don’t be lazy. Saturn's energy motivates us to get up and do the work we’ve been avoiding during the week, which in turn, makes it the perfect time to be proactive.

Best day to: Get yourself organized. Spend the day doing a deep clean of your space. Get everything in order. Catch up on those things you didn't have time for during the week. Feel accomplished. Ground yourself, get outside, feel the earth.

Sunday - ruled by the Sun

This has always been known as a day of rest or even silence in some cultures. Sundays are ruled by the Sun which represents joy, creativity, and energy, making it a more positive day. The sun is warming and loving which is why we tend to devote this day to time with friends or family. It is also a day to recharge. The Sun also rules Leo, a sign known for being caring, warm, and joyful, but also a little lazy sometimes. It really is a day to just unwind and get grounded before the week ahead.

Best day to: Feed your soul, do what lights you up and brings you happiness. Put your well-being first. See friends and family. Forget the to-do list. Be playful, tap into your inner child. Plan out your week ahead.


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