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Change is Inevitable, Change is Good

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living”

- Gail Sheehy

As the world evolves and changes, so do our lives. Situations and circumstances in constantly shift and grow. We live in a universe so full of vibrant life that is always evolving.

The earth is in constant motion and transformation, and so are we! Change is how nature, the Universe, and the Divine flow through each period of our lives and shape our destinies. We are led to our next life lesson and our next adventure. There is no use in denying change.We can’t fear it or fight against it. Change is inevitable.

A lot of people fear change, but we don’t have to! What we really need to fear is stagnation. When change ceases, the very essence of life has stopped. So, take your place in the universal rhythm and embrace change. Work with it, not against it, as your life unfolds.

Earthquakes are a symbolic reminder that the earth itself shifts, moves, and changes places... just like life. Sometimes these shifts happen small and slowly, or the shifts happen in an instant. We don't know what changes are coming in advance therefore we can’t plan for them. We can only adapt to them once they occur.

Nature always takes on new shapes and forms, and people do too. Sometimes transformations happen suddenly, or incrementally over time. As you are able to move into increased self-awareness, you can become more aware of the shifts. We will see, feel, and know when they're taking place. Maybe we won't know where they're leading, but we will know something's going to happen. The more we are able to value and trust life, the more we can count on change to lead us forward, trusting the new shape that's forming in our lives. The more flexible we are, the more stop resisting the shifts, the easier they become.

Life is a constant metamorphosis. This movement is natural and healthy (even when it seems like it isn’t). Change is the process through which we evolve. Let the shifts happen. Take responsibility for yourself each step of the way. Trust that your world is taking shape exactly as it should.

I used to be terrified of change. I wanted to control everything that happened to me. The more I feared and the more I controlled; the less things actually worked out. I hated the idea of embracing the unknown and trusting that things would unfold as they were intended.

There came a point where nothing made sense to me. I was resisting the change that inevitably happened and it was causing me more harm than good. The second I realized that I could embrace the uncertainly and transform all aspects of my life more positively, I could finally experience vulnerability. This reminded me that I do not know it all, and I was humbled. These new experiences, new friends, and new home I was living in removed my ego. Through humility, I was so much closer to experiencing my higher self. It was on this level that I could connect within and make clear, rational decisions.

Change reminded me of the abundance I already had. By creating a new life purpose for myself and having the courage to leave unhappy relationships and friendships, it taught me that I am stronger than I realized. It allowed me to be even more grateful for those real, supportive, and loving friends and family that care about our wellbeing, no matter what. Experiencing change allowed me to value what remained constant.

Through change and adversity we can remember that we’re capable, whole, and so much stronger than we think. When change is in the air, trust the process even when it seems unpleasant, scary or confusing. Remember that change can also bring joy, laughter, and peace though its many detours. Remain open to the positive side of change too.

Learn to love and accept transformation. Through change everything grows, even you. It is just how life is. Learn to love and have fun with change. After all, it’s inevitable!


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