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my story

Through many trials and tribulations in my life, I found myself walking down a spiritual path. I didn't become a healer because I read a bunch of books and took trainings. I became a healer because I went through things in my life, gut-wrenching things, that made me frustrated, scared, and angry. I was making the same old mistakes and unhealthy choices. I learned lessons about life early on and it made me begin to question who I even was. I experienced loss in various ways making me become numb to my feelings and actions. My life fell apart and driven by insecurity, I let it. 

Finally, one day I woke up and realized that I could choose to do it all differently.

Life isn't easy, I get it. For along time I didn't believe in anything, not even myself. I've struggled with anxiety for the majority of my young adult life and after falling down a really dark whole of depression​, I was willing to do anything to feel better. My mom is a yoga teacher and meditation instructor so I decided to give it a try. Later, I ended up taking the same trainings that she did. I became fascinated my the mind, body, soul connection. I was introduced to Reiki and that is really when my life began to shift. For most of my life, I held myself back. I had negative limiting beliefs about myself and others. As time went on I noticed a change in my overall perspective. I was judging less, hugging more. Worrying less, loving more. I didn't find myself getting in my head anymore. I wasn't telling myself no when I really wanted to say YES!

say yes to life.

It is scary and exciting. I found myself walking down a path I never saw coming. I didn't even know it existed! I am a Reiki Master and a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. I'm an intuitive empath, a moon child, a dreamer. I healed myself and my goal is to empower each and everyone on of my clients to do the same. We all have all the powers we need inside of us and most of the time, we don't even realize it. Shifting yourself out of a dark place can be hard. I have tried many therapies and treatments, but the real power was inside of me all along. There are so many healing modalities and I want to support you in finding what works for you. By taking a heart-centered approach throughout my sessions, I am simply a guide assisting you in stepping into the healthiest and highest version of yourself. 

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